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Green Flash:

Green Flash Brewing Company is a craft brewery specializing in brewing assertive and distinctive beers, such as West Coast I.P.A., an award-winning beer whose wide acceptance has helped define a category. They also brew seasonal, collaborative and barrel-aged beers. When Green Flash embarked on a project to further differentiate their brand, they challenged Square Peg to come up with creative ideas to help. Utilizing our unique supply chain, we were able to design a custom bottle based on the general shape of a Belgian bottle that intrigued the owners of Green Flash. Custom raised lettering and logos were added to enhance the consumer experience, including a “green flash” on the bottom of the bottle. In addition to the bottle design, Square Peg worked with Green Flash’s design agency to create a 4 pack carrier solution in order for Green Flash to bring a differentiated product offering to the market. Our flexible assembly operation was able to provide pre-packed cases using the new 4 pack carriers when other suppliers in the market had told Green Flash that this packing set up was not available. The result was a fantastic program that helped Green Flash to further enhance their already strong brand, and bring an new offering to their distributors and retailers.

Sports Giant:

Sports Giant is a multi-channel retailer of specialty sporting goods. Many of their items are sold via the web and distributed from their own facility in Southern California. Like most companies that ship many items, Sports Giant had been hit hard by the many corrugated increases that hit the market in 2009 and 2010. With this, Sports Giant challenged Square Peg with the goal of reducing Sports Giants’ packaging cost by 20%. The difficulty of this challenge was compounded by the vast array of packaging items that they used due to the varying sizes of their shipments. Square Peg’s approach had to be different. After an extensive on-site survey, Square Peg found three areas of opportunity for Sports Giant. First, by analyzing the usage of their high use items, we were able to convert 70% of their shipments into a smaller size container. Second, utilizing fragility testing to benchmark potential damage in shipment, Square Peg moved a major piece of Sports Giant’s shipping to a flexible pack without any increased damage. Finally, Square Peg worked with the supply chain to find manufacturing efficiencies to bring down the cost of many of the items that could not be redesigned at that time. The results were nothing short of amazing. Square Peg saved Sports Giant well over 20% in hard dollar savings on their entire packaging program!

Sports Giant