“If Square Peg Packaging and Printing is not the fastest and most creative supplier you have ever dealt with, we do not deserve your business. If our team does not deliver this speed and creativity in a cost effective manner, again, we do not deserve to become your supplier. Our unique business model will deliver all of these benefits to your organization and given the opportunity, we enthusiastically look forward to proving it to you. Give us a call and let us present a program that is truly focused on your success.”

- John Kellogg, President



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We are about your PROFITABILITY...

Regardless of the project or customer, Square Peg Packaging and Printing concentrates on achieving two things for our customers every day: increasing your revenues and decreasing your costs. Costs are cut through aggressive design, supply chain management, lower inventories and vendor reduction. Revenues are increased by collaborating on point of purchase displays, direct mail, speed to market and new customer acquisition.

We are about your BRAND...

For decades, companies have used separate vendors for their packaging and printing needs. The reason was simple, the expertise needed for each could not be found in a single supplier. The result was inconsistencies of style, color, structure and message. Square Peg Packaging and Printing has changed all of that, with true expertise in all areas of packaging and printing. Your brand will be managed by one company, resulting in a more consistent and efficient message across your entire product line.

We are about your TIME...

Today’s economy forces companies to do more with less. Square Peg manages your packaging and printing programs in a manner that allows your team to focus on executing your business strategy. Our expertise in design, materials selection, cube reduction, cost savings, brand awareness, revenue generation and many other areas allows our customers to spend more time running their businesses.